Learn The Big Mistakes That Can Show Aging On Your Skin!

Posted on 13 May 2017 by Rosalita Brown

It is the skin's appearance that boosts our self esteem as well as confidence. That being said, most people especially women, will work day and night to get a glowing skin and look younger. However, most female patients feel that they are doing everything right to have that much needed glowing skin but the truth is they do not get satisfied with their effort to improve the appearance of their skin. To set the record straight especially on what sabotages your skin, the following pointers can be very helpful especially on the mistakes that people make:

Not reapplying sunscreen
Most women make the mistake of trusting sunscreen labels such as "all day protection," not knowing that sunscreens do not last more than four hours. Do not kid yourself by thinking that you can put the screen ones and forget all about it. You should note that regular sunscreen use is recommended especially for those who are treating their face with beta hydroxyl acids, retin- A or microdermabrasion. All these treatments can make your skin become more sensitive to the ultraviolet rays.

Not alternating alcohol with water
Alcohol causes dilated blood vessels and dehydration which make your skin look unhealthy and tired. If you consume alcohol, do alternate it with water before you leave the table to keep your skin hydrated.

Not relieving stress
Stress is known to cause your body to go into what is called survival mode and this is caused by bumping adrenaline to heighten your senses. You should note that this can be healthy especially when you are in danger but a prolonged period of stress can take the dreaded toll on your skin. When under stress, your brain, heart and lungs do work overtime and your skin becomes deprived of the needed nutrients thus giving it a bad appearance. To combat stress, try and create some fun for yourself like yoga, deep breathing, meditation and singing your favorite song.

Sleeping with make up on
This is a huge mistake as it leaves your skin's pores clogged thus preventing it from breathing. You should clean your face before going to bed whether you are tired or not.

Not hydrating your skin
To deal with the headache of sensitive or cracked skin, just drink eight glasses of water everyday and apply a moisturizing cream on your face.

Using harsh cleansers
Harsh cleansers have the effect of stripping away the body's natural oils that come handy to protect skin from pollution, dirt and other factors that can damage your skin. Mild cleansers will work and you should consult a dermatologist on what cleansers will work for the type of your skin.