How To Properly Wash Your Face

Posted on 08 June 2017 by Rosalita Brown

Cleanliness is the most important step when it comes to how to get to wash the face. But before entering into the essence of the right way to clean your face, especially if you're prone to acne to get, I have a story that has always struck a chord with me to tell.

I will never forget when I was a patient in a hospital, an elderly woman, insensitive care. When I was busy with my assessment, listening to his lungs and it turned me run and said "honey should not you wash your face, just because all the grains appear." The nurse is happened to be in the room at the same time, and looked at me and shook his head. I could not believe someone could be so rude and insensitive.

From that moment, I knew I had to find a way to find my skin. I could not comment rude foreign Sun So let me share with you what I know now. This is how to properly wash your face: The most common mistake is when you have acne, your skin should not be kept clean enough for the reason that most outbreaks. I could not be further from the truth. During the washing and cleaning does not irritate the skin and aggravate the situation. To save the "squeaky clean" their plates. A general rule is to use a soap-free cleansing lotion specially formulated for your face and your skin type.

It is ideal for all methods, including skin care

All cleaning products are not the same. Cleaning is probably the most important option, use the proper cleaner for your needs affect everything that happens after. To remove not only cleaner, makeup, dirt and grime, but also prepare the skin for the next step in their system of skin care.

At least once a week, the first step in cleaning should be a good 5 minutes, to soften and prepare the skin for steam cleaning. After steaming, you must do the following:

1. Use a skin hot, humid, with your own fingers to a concern suitable for acne-prone skin smooth, circular motion. Avoid clothes, because they can be too aggressive for the skin.

2. plenty of hot water

3. Use only clean, dry cotton towels to the skin to prevent bacterial contamination.

It's a myth that cold water splashed on the skin after cleansing close pores. The traps do not have the pores open and close. Therefore, the water temperature on the pore size.

If you have excessively oily skin and large pores, there are some products to help clean and efficient soft, oil.

So make sure you are clear, wash your face too much, perhaps irritation by removing the protective acid mantle of the lipid barrier of the skin in a natural cause. Cleaning twice a day with the right cleaner is sufficient.

For sensitive skin, the best is always a patch test by applying a small amount to see on the inside of the arm to see if you have a reaction to the product.